At Christmas by Paula Price


blue star

There are different types of gifts, but the same  spirit distributes them all. 1 Corinthians 12:4 (ESV)


My brother married into a very disciplined home, but it has been fun!


Each Christmas they settle around the Christmas tree “the giver of gifts” passes out the presents.  Then, one at a time, starting with the youngest child, each one shows their gift, says who gave what gift, and what it is. This is followed by the oohing and ahhing, and some laughter.


When the middle child opened a pair of pajamas, her face said it all! When you have a family of four kids with breaks for going to the bathroom and for eating breakfast, this can last for three hours, but the kids of all ages seem to enjoy it!




Please Lord make me as grateful for all my gifts    as these little ones are. Amen.


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