Kindness for Strangers by Marie C. Senter


Be kind and compassionate to one another…

Ephesians 4:32 (NIV)


Combine kernels of oats with wild honey, finely-chopped nut meats, add mashed dates, roll out, allow to dry―ta da! In the future, this combination of ingredients will be named pemmican, granola bar, survival food. Ancient nutritionists were inventive in combining basic, commonly-grown food stuffs to construct energy sustaining bars. For Mary, this simple gift of fruit, grain, and nuts was a strength-saving gift of the innkeeper’s wife

cropped-20151130_174714.jpgIt took the mindless power of government to insist on in-person presence for the census body count to be precise. Of no consequence, distance or physical danger in travel. Joseph and Mary had little choice. They arrived in Bethlehem only to be told, “No room in the Inn.” We can imagine the shock of being told there was no room as the first birth pangs of delivery started. Now, surely, if you think—or ever thought about it—Joseph, a carpenter, would not be first on call to deliver a baby.

Concatenation and d.D.i. (direct Divine intervention) were alive and well that night. Rejoice in a Heavenly Father who would provide a qualified person to appear at that crucial hour. The innkeeper’s wife was likely the local curandero, doctor, midwife. The stable, crude and unheated but secure from the elements, became the ultimate birthing suite.



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