The Greatest Gift of Love by Barbara E. Haley



holy famlyThanks be to God for His indescribable gift! 2 Corinthians 9:15 (NIV)


Christmas would never be the same. My husband of thirty-seven years was spending his first Christmas in Heaven, and I was alone.

I couldn’t bear the thought of signing my name only to Christmas cards. The year before, I’d considered not sending cards because postage was so expensive. But my husband disagreed. He’d said, “Cards speak love to people, and that’s the best money we can ever spend.”

So I bought cards, wrote notes, and signed my name. After a few moments, however, the emotional pain became unbearable. I pushed the cards away and wept openly. “Will I ever enjoy Christmas again, Lord?”

God answered—immediately sending a thought to my mind.

Stop dwelling on what Christmas was, and think about what Christmas is.

Fresh hope and unexpected joy filled my soul as the truth of what I’d just heard in my spirit took root. I thanked God for what Christmas was . . . and then for what Christmas is. Because of Christmas, I am a child of God. Because of Christmas, I will see my husband again some day.

Memories are so very precious, not to be left behind. But there is also joy ahead in life as we consciously embrace the new gifts God has for us each and every day.


Lord, remind us in this season to ponder what Christmas          truly  is—a gift of everlasting life and love                              from our heavenly Father above. Amen



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