Joy, Joy, Joy by Cathey Edgington

blue starHe will be a joy and delight to you, and many will rejoice because of His birth.

Luke 1:14 (NIV)

The shrieks of joy filled the quiet living room as my sisters and I entered and saw the dolls sitting beneath the Christmas tree.  We each grabbed one and hugged it, giggling with       delight.

Momma and Daddy sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee and watching us.  Momma told us to sit down on the floor and she brought each of us our Christmas stocking and nodded.  With shrieks of joy, we dumped the contents on the floor.  The stockings always held an apple, an orange, nuts, crème drops, and a banana.  I savored the first bite of the crème drop because Christmas was the only time I would get this  candy.  It was a delight.

Another joy in my life was the birth of my sons.  The responsibility of having a little baby sometimes overtook the joy, but   I knew God had blessed me and would help me to raise them.   I wonder how Mary felt when her baby was born knowing He was the Messiah.  Did she feel joy and delight?  Was she  sometimes overwhelmed with the responsibility of raising this special baby?  Mary’s baby is still bringing joy to this world.


Abba Father, let me feel the joy and delight of Christmas throughout the year. Let me rejoice in Jesus, the true joy of Christmas. Amen


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