Let’s Get Out of the Hypochondriac Ward by David Justiss


20161205_161827.jpgDon’t make light of the Lord’s discipline… strengthen your feeble arms and weak knees.                    Heb 12:5,12 (NIV)


Gerald said he lost his head. Edna was quadriplegic, except when she used the restroom. Mildred had been blind since her knee surgery. Tommy lost both legs in the war when a bullet grazed his thigh. Every morning the patients lined up for their medication and the nurse handed out placebos.

At Christmastime, The Counselor arrived with gifts.       Eagerly, they opened the packages. Gerald frowned at his new sunglasses. Mildred gazed at photos of her family. Edna held a sewing kit. Tommy unwrapped a bicycle.

They complained, “What is this mockery?”

The Counselor insisted, “They are for you to use.”

After Christmas, he remained with them. Every day he gave Gerald a new hat. He tossed apples to Mildred, who caught them every time. The Counselor never ran out of ways to trick Edna and Tommy into walking on their own two legs. The nurse  offered comfort, but the Counselor offered healing.

It didn’t come easily. For a long time, Edna relied on her wheelchair. Gerald claimed his hat rested on the end of his neck. The Counselor worked with them with endless patience.          Eventually, not only did Tommy ride his bike, he also ripped off  his fake white beard, remembering he wasn’t yet 30.



Father, as your sons and daughters, we aren’t meant to carry injuries you’ve already healed. Thank you for your            patience to meet us where we are. Amen



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