In Loving Hands by Irma Crutchfield


20161126_224212.jpgA righteous man cares for the needs of his animals.

Proverbs12:10 (KN)


Mornings started the same for me, a cup of green tea with honey. I headed for the garage to get a food to feed the stray neighborhood cats. I knew I shouldn’t, but I didn’t want to see them starve.

One morning I heard a small cry and saw a tiny little black and white kitten with huge long white whiskers and emerald green eyes. I instantly fell in love and named her Emerald. I tried to pick her up but she was too scared.

When I fed the other cats she was always near. I tried to get close and touch her but she meowed and ran off.

One morning Emerald didn’t show up. I worried and my heart sank when the little kitten did not appear. I looked everywhere. I walked the neighborhood streets searching for the little kitten, asking neighbors if they had seen her. I prayed to God for her to be safe. I wanted to see Emerald again.

On December 25th I dreamed I saw two big hands coming down from Heaven, and when they opened, Emerald was in them. I knew she was with the Lord. I woke up crying, knowing Emerald was safe and in God’s loving hands.



God you have always proven to me that I need to completely have faith in You. I will always give to You my concerns as You have instructed me.  I love you. Amen


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