Second Chance by Rodolfo I. Dumapias


blue star…We too were foolish…But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, He saved us…because of His mercy. Titus 3:3-5 (NIV)


Weary and hungry past midnight, I wanted to reach Bucharest quickly to bring home Yuletide gifts.  On Piteste Highway, I outraced every car, ignoring traffic rules despite the snow flurries.  After all, I was a foreign diplomat driving a Mercedes in Romania.

A car sped from behind until we were neck-to-neck.  Worse, it was a locally-made Dacha.  I had to win.  Suddenly, a deer from the nearby woods ran to cross my path.  I quickly pressed the brakes, but still hit the animal.  My hood damaged, I stopped,   angry for losing the race.

Resuming my journey, I discovered the Dacha hit a truck, was totally damaged, and its passenger lying on the pavement, covered with newspaper, bloodied, dead.  Shocked, I felt compassion,    regret, and guilt.  Killing a deer was bad enough, but worse—I may have led a person to a tragic end.

Convicting me for my arrogance, God emphasized that Love—not pride—is the reason for living, the foundation of His sovereignty, judgment, and mercy.  He gave me a second chance to    accept Jesus Christ and change my ways.  At Christmas dawn,    my old self died.  My new life began.


Lord, give gift of Love to the proud, high-and-mighty sitting on power, fortune, fame, and Godless teachings, so they may have this season a second chance. Amen



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