Let It Snow



Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Psalm 126:2a NIV

            Every Christmas season when it snowed in Kansas, my sister Shelly and I pleaded for our parents to take us sledding on the seldom-driven gravel roads in the country. Dad tied two long ropes to metal loops under the end of the truck’s tailgate. Then, he attached our sleds to the opposite ends of the ropes, and Shelly and I sat on our respective sleds.

We anxiously awaited the sound of gears shifting in his old Ford, signaling the beginning of our ride. The whistling of the rising wind swirled the loose snow from the road’s embankment all around us. Laughter bubbled and grew in intensity as Dad’s truck sped up. The crunchy movement of the rocks under the snow added a little fear to the adventure. Even so, we screamed and gave a thumbs-up gesture for Dad to go faster.  Usually, I quit the speed increase before my sister which always annoyed her.20151210_192636-1.jpg

Once thoroughly chilled from the evening’s mist, Dad would stop. We’d climb in the truck where Mom poured steaming hot chocolate from the insulated Thermos into Styrofoam cups. To our delight, she plopped a couple of big marshmallows in for good measure. As we retold our turns and glides, everything felt perfect—like God Himself laughed with us.

Author: Brenda Blanchard


Thanks, Father, for giving us the gift of love, laughter, and memories. Also, for reminding us how much You enjoy seeing Your children joyful! Amen.

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