The Sounds



 And all those who heard it marveled at these things which were told them…

Luke 2:18 NKJV


When you have just heard about the greatest treasure in the whole world and when you know where the treasure is, it creates joy unspeakable.

It was a cold night but not without starlight.

You could hear the sound of loose rocks rolling after their steps as they scrambled down the hillside in the dead of night.

They were all talking at once in excited voices.

When their voices died down you could hear a soft bleating.

As the men approached to the village they slowed down because they did not know the house.

As they walked, they spoke in hushed confused voices.

Somewhere in this village was the treasure they were looking for.

Then, in the quiet of the night, they heard an unmistakable cooing.

With wonderment, they followed the sweet sound.

Not to a house as expected but to an attached building.

They heard the sounds of sleeping animals.

With reverence, they laid their gift, a lamb, down by the manger.

They listened and watched as the babe lie silently in the hay.

The father called them to come closer so they could see better.

The mother smiled.

They had found the greatest treasure mankind has ever been given—The Lamb of God.

Author: Douglas Nelson

Prayer: In the silence of my being, let me hear the heavenly choir singing to the shepherds on that holy night.



(251 Words)

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