Road Trip


Do not be afraid and do not panic…for the LORD your God will personally will go ahead of you.

Deuteronomy 31:6 (NLT)


When my family and I moved to Texas, we didn’t come by flight. We drove in our car. A family friend drove the moving truck ahead of us while we followed behind, Fort Lauderdale to San Antonio in over twenty hours straight.

The car trip was okay, though, because we talked, we laughed…same old, same old. The music we played got old after a while, and the radio stations were unpredictable. We took turns napping so that one of us could keep the driver awake by talking.20151210_192636-1.jpg

When we reached Houston, it was nighttime, and we were driving through a heavy storm. The windows kept fogging up, and no matter what we did, the fog would always return. Our windshield wipers weren’t effective, either, when it came to wiping away all that water. To top it all off, my mom was falling asleep behind the wheel!

So, picture this empty road in the middle of nowhere, and you cannot see anything in front of you. The headlights were barely any help, and the car was swaying all over the road. I had to literally take hold of the steering wheel from the passenger seat and maneuver the car. Finally, we arrived in San Antonio—safe and sound.

Author: Marthe St. Jean


Heavenly Father, even in the midst of trouble, I know that You are always with me. Thank you, Lord.

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