Ordinary Men


And God said, “I will be with you.” Exodus 3: 12 NIV

In the early days of WWII, Fleet Admiral William F. Halsey, commander of the aircraft carrier, Hornet, that became famous for the Tokyo Raid, made the statement, “There are no great men, only ordinary men who are forced by circumstances to meet great Challenges.”

We are all faced with challenges in our lives. Some are great; others may only seem great. Never the less, they are real to us and we must deal with those challenges. If not, they will consume us.

We are influenced by events. Some events are good and others are tragic. How we are affected depends, to a large extent, on how close we are to the particular event taking place.

20151210_192636-1.jpgAs we enter this holiday season, let us remember the families of service men and women who face the challenge of creating a joyful holiday while their spouse, son, or daughter serves on foreign soil. While we share the laughter of family, many will hear the voice their loved one on the phone. Many will feel a painful silence.

The thing we must remember is that God is in control and he cares for His children.

Author: Harold Hughes


Thank you, God, for the sacrifices you made for each of us. Please provide you peace and comfort to those making sacrifices for our country.


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