Noise at the Inn


Its noise declares His presence… Job 36:33 (NAS)

 Scurrying in and out, one exits, another enters and takes a seat. The noise of clanging pots and pans, grinding smoothie and coffee bean machines echo throughout.  Christmas Music plays amidst the hustle and bustle of laughter.

For centuries, the church has been the place for sounds of the season and yet is. However, one can stop by any night before Christmas without reservations at Starbucks®  the world’s most popular coffee shops (a 21st Century Inn), and listen to medleys announcing the coming of Christ. You’ll be sure to find a seat.

20151210_192636-1.jpgSongs of the season ring out as background music to all the noise. Music of Christmas past and present from Sinatra to Handel to rappers rhythmic tunes of reindeer hoofs usher patrons into the holiday season.

Stop by for your caffeine and sugar surge, experience the smell of seasonal spices mixed with music and fellowship. It’s as if arriving at an inn for weary travelers like that glorious night−the eve of Christ’s birth.

This celebration scene of people crowding in on a chilly winter’s night for fun, fellowship, fragrance and familiar sounds effortlessly translates one back in time. Back to memories of grandma’s house or the small country church with shoulder-to-shoulder gatherings, people sipping cider and caroling.  Have you heard what I’ve heard?

Author: Rev. Dr. Phillip D Williams

Prayer: Incline your ears and come to Him, hear, that your soul may live…Amen.

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