The Tinkling Bells


For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior,

which is Christ the Lord.

Luke 2:11 KJ

We were poor growing up. Really poor.

There were no fancy dresses to wear, no big meals to share or wrapped gifts to open on Christmas morning. Still, Mama found a way to make Christmas day special. It was Jesus’ birthday after all. A time to celebrate.

She’d pull out her favorite decoration purchased at Winn’s many years before, the tiny baby Jesus swaddled in rags and laying in a ceramic manger. Together we’d sing Christmas carols while hanging home-made decorations and tinkling bells on our scrawny tree topped with a plastic silver star.

20151210_192636-1.jpgUntil I became a Christian I didn’t understand why mama loved everything about Christmas─ what was behind her contagious joy. Finally I was able to comprehend. Jesus was born to be the savior of the world. I had eternal hope through His sacrifice.

Mama went home to be with the Lord years later and I experienced my first Christmas without her enthusiasm, but her joy of the season remained in my heart, filling me with warm memories.

Every time I hear the tinkling of a bell or see a simply decorated tree I remember Mama and her love for the babe who would become the King of Kings.

author: Cheryl Williford

Lord, I thank you for Mama who loved you, but most of all for Jesus, who died for me.




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