Delightful Sounds


By Terry Beard

Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord!  Luke 19:38 (NIV)

The Sounds of children’s laughter

Christmas carols being sung

Children making cookies

Christmas season has begun.


Let not our hearts be focused

On the accomplishment of things

For Jesus is the reason

He is the King of kings.


The scraping sound of a painted, two tiered stool across my kitchen floor sounds delightful.  Many might cringe at the shrill tone.  However, it is special to me.  Each of my grandchildren, from oldest to youngest, has stood atop that stool.  Christmas carols play in the background and youngsters bellow out the words.  Cookies are baked and sprinkles added.  A few sprinkles drop onto the stool step.  I oooo and ahhhh over each edible creation and I must admit, my Ahnie (Grandma) eyes see only beauty in their cookies.  Papa is nearby and enjoys volunteering to be the official taste tester.  Yummy!

We cherish these times with family and are so thankful the Lord loves us in spite of our imperfections.  No stool is needed to reach Him.  No sprinkles are needed to sweeten us.  As we enjoy the sounds of Christmas and remember His birth, may we remember, He is all we need.


Lord, You are our glorious Savior! The King of kings! Happy birthday, Jesus!

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