Sharing the Gift of Faith

by Christine Henderson

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen

Hebrews 11:1 NLT


When I was in second grade, I remember watching The Bells of St. Mary’s as part of our Christmas program.  The movie follows the Mother Superior/principal of a school who wants a wealthy man to donate land and a building for a new school. He wants nothing to do with the facility or the children, but that doesn’t stop the sister or the pastor who have confidence it will occur – and it does!

The movie is a wonderful example of belief in action, which is probably why our church school played it. However, the plot shows more than faith. It details how unwavering trust in God can touch and bless everyone from the children to the man making the donation.

Our devotion to God and his promises isn’t a beautiful package to be kept wrapped under a tree only for us to admire. God’s love needs to be shared with others.  When we tell others of our trust in Jesus, we can give them hope for today and eternity. Let’s ring out those bells of faith for all to hear!


Lord Jesus, grant us the courage to share our faith with others. Your hope and promises are the best gift anyone could receive.

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