Lost in His Presence by Irma Crutchfield

Thus says your Lord, The Lord and Your God, who pleads the cause
of His people: “See, I have taken out of your hand the cup of
trembling, the dregs if the cup of My fury;
No longer shall you drink it.” Isaiah 51:22 (NKJV)

The weekend after Thanksgiving, our family starts decorating for
Christmas. We work to make the house festive inside and out.
After the long day, I made a hot cup of tea and sat admiring the tree.

Weary, I soon fell asleep and got lost in a dream.

I walked amidst the clouds, and saw the Lord sitting in between
white pillars. In seconds, I was in front of him. I was drawn to put
my head on his lap. When I did, he put His hands on my head. He
called me by my name, “Irma, you’ll never have to worry about anything
anymore. Remember all you have to do is put your head on my
lap and everything will be fine.”

I lifted my head and saw in His lap, the Holy Bible. Tears streamed
down my face. I felt God’s love for me from the top of my head to the
bottom of my toes.

I woke up crying “Oh how I love him” and feeling full of the Holy

Behold, I will Trust and not be afraid for you are my strength and my
salvation. You are The Lord of my life and the God of my Family.

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