Shone Bright by Brenda Blanchard

…and the landscape shone bright with the glory of the Lord.
Luke 2:9a, (LB)

Shelly and I used to run downstairs on Christmas morning to hug
our parents and see our gifts under the star-topped tree. The silver tree
shone brightly, changing colors to match the projector wheel of red, green,
and blue beaming onto its branches.
Replaced years ago, the silver tree remains etched in memories.

Now, on Christmas Eve, Mom and Gary have numerous themed trees to
behold. The one in the living room displays mobile ornaments amidst the
sparkling lights, while the tree downstairs greets everyone with red velvet
bows, red glass ornaments, and twinkling brilliance. Shelly and I, now
joined by her daughter, Niki, and grandkids, Aleigha and Isaiah, admire
Mom’s perfect designs. Our step-brother Brian and niece, Sydney, sneak
behind us to give a group embrace.

Christmas morning, we travel to Dad and Sharron’s home. Their
angel-topped tree stands tall with strings of glass candle lights that bubble
as they glow. Shelly and I, united with our half-sister Tera, gush aloud
while examining the multi-colored ornaments, some hand-made by Sharron’s
grown children, Lorri and Todd.

The trees aglow with gifts underneath still make me stop and look.
I’m delighted by the lights, effervescent with the beauty of a growing family
and the stories retold through favored ornaments. I feel Christ’s presence
as joy abounds.

Father, thank you for Jesus, your bright Light to the world.
We rejoice to celebrate His Holy birth with loved ones.

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