“Bee-Hold” by Kelly Harris

“More to be desired are the laws, testimony, statutes, commandments,
fear, judgment of the Lord than gold, Yea than much fine gold;
Sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb.” Psalm 19: 10 (NKJV)

Like honey spilled and left overnight, the final section of this verse
stuck in my mind.

Honey is pure, straight from God’s creation. It is enduring, stands the
test of time. It’s a product of efficiency, each little-bitty bee has a purpose
and diligently adheres to its calling.

Honey sustains many creatures including the bees that make it. Like the
glazed ham traditional to many Christmas tables, honey draws us with
fragrance and flavor. Honey is the abundance of labor. Honey sooths,
guards, and reminds.

“Reminds?” You ask.

Yes, reminds. My friend stated while discussing the verse, “If God put
that much in the work of a bee, imagine the plans He has for us.”

As Christians we are to be like the bee: pollinators for the plants of our
souls, diligently laboring and adhering to our life’s calling.

Thank You, Great I Am. You’re not only my Creator but my Father.
Thank You, Jesus, You’re not only my example but my Savior.
Thank You, Holy Spirit, You’re not only my guide but living,
growing in my heart.
Behold Psalm 19 says, “more” and “sweeter.” Oh Yes, Lord!
More grace. More love. More than this sinner deserves.
Sweeter than honey and anything my flesh desires. Amen.

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