Priceless by Raquel Martina Martinez

“. . . Come, buy wine and milk without money
and without cost.” Isaiah 55:1 (NIV)

The Christmas season is upon us and we are spellbound by all the
glitzy TV and store ads. They lure us into opening our wallets and
spending our money. We buy, buy, buy and spend, spend, spend,
but there are other things, things money cannot buy. Money cannot
buy happiness or health. It cannot buy love or peace.

It cannot buy our salvation.

We need to close our wallets and open our hearts and our Bibles,
and behold, we will find we have been given the greatest, most valuable
gift of all, the love of our Lord God.

During the Christmas season, let us celebrate the birth of Jesus
Christ. He came to earth, became man, humbled and sacrificed His
life for us. He did this to make amends for our sins and to reopen
the gates of Heaven.

What He did for us is beyond price, yet what He asks in return does
not cost us a cent but is still of great value. He wants us to believe
in Him and to love Him, just like He believes in us and loves us.

Lord Jesus, I am eternally grateful for all you have done for me. I
open my heart to you and I promise to love you. Be with me during
this Christmas season so that I can be an example for others.

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