We Welcome You to Worship

Christian Writers Group by Douglas Nelson

By this shall all know that ye are disciples of mine,
if ye have love amongst yourselves. John 13:35 (Darby)

One has only to look to the distant past to understand what makes ablue star
Christian writer. In fact, you have to go back 2,000 years to the first
Christmas. Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call
his name Immanuel. Isaiah 7:14 (KJ) Immanuel is a Hebrew word meaning,
“God is with us.” Christion writers have a love for words that express
His presence.

Behold how we help others. Anyone who comes through the CWG door
and expresses a desire to write for Jesus receives help and guidance,
whether they are a pro or can barely write their name. No one is turned

Behold how we pray for one another. Every CWG meeting starts with
prayer, not quick and light but slow and heavy. We pray for healing,
finances, jobs, guidance, and for words.

Behold how we share God’s love. We write God’s love making it relevant
in the digital age. Using the World Wide Web to fulfill the great commission-writing
blogs, e-books, audio, and self-publishing books for Jesus,
just like the book you are holding.

Behold how we comfort and hold one another up in sadness, in joy, in
failure, in success, in sickness, and in death.

Before this generation of the CWG will pass, the Word of Life will appear.
Sight will replace our feeble words soon and very soon.

Jesus please help me to write words of your abiding presence
and not empty words of tinkling brass.

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