Rejoicing on the Table Top — by Douglas Nelson

“…a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:11 (NKJV)

I am in Panera Bread, in May, trying to write out why I should rejoice at Christmas time. The planet’s internet does not help: Christ was not born on 25th of December, the wise men were not present when Jesus was born, Mary may or may not have ridden a donkey. If that is not enough, all the Christmas’ atheists will jump out of their closets and tell me–it is all a myth.

But this Christmas I am preparing early, thanks to a group I am in–called the Christian Writers. I am checking out scripture on God’s interplanetary internet: And these are the eyewitness facts: Jesus was born to a virgin called Mary, God sent his angels to announce to the Shepherds that the Savoir was born, and the Shepherds went into Bethlehem and beheld the Savoir with their own eyes.

If all you did was read the Christmas story and stopped. You never would get it. Words have meanings. And the word Savoir is pregnant with meaning. You need to  start with the last chapter to see way the angels said, “…a Savior is born this day.” Only the Savoir can forgive sins and give eternal life. And that is worth jumping from table to table in Panera Bread shouting—a Savoir is born this day.

God forgive me if I do not rejoice loudly.

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