Really? Rejoice? — by Judy Sheer Watters

“Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your re- ward in heaven…” Matthew 5:12 (KJV)

Jesus tells me to rejoice always. Perhaps I didn’t get the passage right…Always? I probably need to see this in another version of the Bi- ble. Jesus doesn’t really mean ALWAYS. Does He?

I remember when our daughter, Emily, at age 21, went through a major operation to remove a carcinoid tumor in her lung. Rejoice? When our 22-year-old son, Kyle, decided to hitchhike from Texas to California. Rejoice? When I know my mother suffers with pain every day of her life. Really! I am to trust that God is truly calling me to rejoice? I look for a different translation to the verse. I explore the Greek words. To no avail.

I rejoice that Emily learned compassion from the nurses and doctors so that she can now bestow the same care on her own patients. I rejoice that Kyle is living happily in California, becoming the young man he was intended to be. And I rejoice that God has given me the gift of many years with my 92-year-old mom who continues to teach me life les- sons of strength and love.

God calls us all to rejoice at every season of life, not just during Christmas, as He showers us daily with blessings.

Lord, I will rejoice in Your majesty and grace as I continue to lean on you for everything.

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One Response to Really? Rejoice? — by Judy Sheer Watters

  1. Judy; your devotion is a great reminder that when some things happen in our lives we don’t see any reason to rejoice at the time. But, God enables us to see the good in those events and we can rejoice in them.


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