Something Wonderful — by Allison Pittman

“The LORD looks down from heaven on all mankind to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God.” Psalm 14:2 (NIV)

We all had our assigned seats in the station wagon: Daddy driving, Mom in the middle of the front seat, and my sister Barbara by the door. Any place else would make her carsick. My brother Chris and sister RoiLynn sat in the back, leaving plenty of room for me, but I preferred the fold-up third seat, facing out the back window of the car.

Driving home late after church one evening in the Christmas Season, pondering all I’d heard as Brother Baker’s low voice read the familiar story of Jesus’ birth, I nearly sent my father skidding off the icy road when I exclaimed, “Stop! Look!”

Mom, far more likely to indulge my four-year-old imagination, asked, “What is it?”

“Something wonderful has happened!”

Soon, everyone in the car turned around to see what I saw: a streetlight, brightly lit against a crystal-dark velvet sky.

Earlier, in church, the Christmas story seemed so far away. Two thousand years ago. On the other side of the world. Nothing more than words in a book coming from Brother Baker’s mouth. I didn’t even realize I was seeking, but God did. The vision of that bright light made the birth of Jesus so real to me—a joyous miracle of understanding.

Heavenly Father, please give to us a heart to seek, and eyes to see.

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One Response to Something Wonderful — by Allison Pittman

  1. Allison; Beautiful devotion. Thank you for relating that wonderful moment and experience in your life.


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