Random Acts of Rejoicing — by John W. Lovitt

“But may all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you.” Psalms 40:16 (NIV)

One of the most beautiful acts of rejoicing is feeling the Holy Spirit inside me. I have a living relationship with Him. He teaches and affirms God’s Will. Opening to the Holy Spirit, moment by moment, strengthens and encourages me beyond my expectations.

How would I function during Advent without this refreshing and amazing “signal caller” of human games? The Holy Spirit has a per- fect record of directing life’s outcomes.

Reading and understanding God’s Holy Word allows Him to re- veal His truth to me. On the flip side, not reading His Word leaves me totally out of the equation and keeps me from rejoicing with the Trinity.

I am commanded to become a vessel of God’s love to share His grace with everyone I meet. The Fruits of the Spirit raise me up and center my being in the widest forgiveness ever offered. Partnering with the Trinity keeps me focused in the present–no worry toward the future and no regret from the past. In my faith walk, I honor others by listening to them and inviting them to fine tune and align their hearts with God’s heart and experience His penetrating presence.

Remind me to randomly rejoice. Feed my soul with Your everlasting love, humor and peace.

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One Response to Random Acts of Rejoicing — by John W. Lovitt

  1. John; your devotional was inspirational and should encourage everyone who reads it to realize their own joys at this time of the year.


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