Quilts Tell Love Stories — by Opal Barnett

Strength and honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come. (Proverbs 31:25 KJV)

“I’m thrilled we’ve nearly finished this quilt,” Grandma said as I helped her attach it to the frame for the Quilting Bee. “With your help and the quilters, we’ll finish it before Christmas.”

“Opal, did you know that this is a Crazy Quilt? These pieces all come from sewing scraps and old dresses. All these bright colors, velvets and satins, in many shapes, will make it glow as a backdrop for our church’s Christmas display.”

“Why is it called a Crazy Quilt, Grandma?”

“Because it has no pattern. We use scraps we have, then twist, turn and snip to make it all fit for our own design.”

Life too is a patchwork of memories and dreams. Love stitches everything together and makes it beautiful, just as our time and love make every Crazy Quilt a treasure.

You may think a Crazy Quilt has no plan, but see how the embroidery outlines a star here and a flower there. God has plans for each of our lives so he shapes us, with a snip here and a twist and turn there. We fit into his plan for good, when we ask Him. Just imagine God and His angels rejoicing when He has finished stitching us into place.

What a magnificent Crazy Quilt God’s love makes!

Lord, help us see how we fit into Your plan.

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