No, Momma — by Kelly Harris

Whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me. (Matthew 18:4-5 NJKV)

Children are amazing! How uniquely perfect, innocent, and pure. Like Jesus used a child in Matthew 18, God uses children to motivate, inspire, teach, and lead us.

Christmas Season 2010. Kayla, nearly three at the time, selected a Nativity scene for our wall display. She could have selsected Santa, but babies fascinated her. While placing stickers, I shared the story of Jesus’ birth. Kayla continually requested another star to stick on the wall, so I figured I was talking to myself. But still I shared. Donkey sounds and all.

The next morning I heard Kayla sneaking around. When she showed herself, she had her doll swaddled and cradled caringly in her arm with her favorite blanket over hee head.

“Kayla, you’re adorable!” I exclaimed, forgetting momentarily the night before.

“No, Momma, me not Kayla,” she said, pointing to herself then her doll. “Momma Mary, Baby Jesus.” My teary-eyed self wrapped her in a hug, rejoiced in the moment, and got the camera!

Two daughters, a niece, young cousins, and several other children decorate my life. They make me reflect on how wondrous life is. Be reminded, Santa isn’t the only one watching!

Dear God, like a child who believes in the season’s magic, let us believe and trust in You.

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